Product Review: Vulpine Men’s Merino Alpine Jersey

Product Review: Vulpine Men’s Merino Alpine Jersey

Vulpine’s Men’s Merino Alpine Jersey is a fantastic choice for any cyclist willing to pay a premium for excellent fit, quality performance and chic riding style.

mens short sleeve merino alpine jersey claret front

RRP – £85


The moment you retrieve Vulpine’s Short Sleeve Merino Alpine Jersey from the brightly coloured musette-style bag it’s delivered in, you know you’re holding a product of exceptional quality.

Once extricated from the confines of its clear plastic bag, Vulpine’s use of high-quality merino wool is immediately justified. This is a soft and comfortable jersey – perhaps the softest and most comfortable – that you’d be happy to wear all day long.

Described as ‘stretchier than an ordinary synthetic jersey’, the Alpine Jersey offers a very good fit indeed. It’s snug, but not constrictive, and so light you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

mens short sleeve merino alpine jersey claret back

Adding to the overall feeling of comfort is a clever construction. Most high-quality jerseys these days benefit from flatlock stitching, but the printed labels that sidestep prolonged label-irritation show that comfort was top of the agenda during the design process.

This is a good looking jersey too. Chic and minimalist, it offers something of a classic look, finished spectacularly with the fine eye for detail Vulpine has quickly become known for.

Simple embroidered branding, engraved buttons on the deep, angled pockets and an attractive leather pull on the zip finish the package off nicely. It’s always nice to find a jersey that doesn’t make you feel slightly out of place at the obligatory coffee stop.


But how does it perform? The benefits of merino wool are well known; apart from being soft and elastic, merino is a warm fibre, which means it traps heat efficiently, keeping you warm in cold weather.

However, because merino is also breathable, your jersey will also keep you cool in soaring summer temperatures. Basically, Vulpine’s merino alpine jersey performs exactly as you’d expect. Very well.

Merino is also antimicrobial, which means that it counteracts the bacteria present in sweat, making it odour-resistant for a far longer period than an equivalent synthetic jersey. Fresher for longer, if you will.

Though there are bargains to be had in the world of cycling equipment, quality does shine through where money is spent.

At £85 this jersey isn’t cheap, but it is worth every penny. And you’ll feel great smashing along in it, probably looking better than your fellow riders.



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