Veloton, Tetbury

Veloton, Tetbury

Nick Livermore samples the delights of Tetbury’s retro-inspired cycling café and shop. With beautiful flat whites and flavoursome homemade cake, it turns out this is one stop the Cotswolds can be proud of.

Veloton Tetbury Review
If you thought that a café stop during your weekend ride was something necessary… unavoidable… think again; it’s a luxury. Head out for 60 miles of climbing around the Cotswolds in the surprisingly powerful remnants of Hurricane Bertha and you’ll quickly realise what it means to actually need the boost of coffee and the solace of cake. These were the conditions that faced us poor souls participating in Le Sportif’s third and final Epic Ride of 2014; the choice of café was a good one.

Veloton, nestled in the centre of Tetbury, is a cosy café/bicycle shop, whose staff are likely as passionate and knowledgeable about cycling as you… probably more so. As you walk in, feeling a little more than sheepish about marking their beautiful wood flooring with your pesky cleats, you’re met with the fragrance of good, strong coffee and the sight of numerous homemade, organic cakes.

Underlining the fact that you’ve just tiptoed into cycling heaven are the two bikes hung up securely in the shop window – available, of course, for purchase – the library of cycling magazines and books stacked about the place, the cycling-themed painting and prints adorning the walls and the suitably stylish, retro-inspired feel of the décor.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to roll up alone, order one of their well-balanced flat whites – strong and beautifully patterned – take a hefty bite out of the sweet, light and zesty lemon drizzle cake and spend a recuperative 30 minutes indulging in some velo-based literature. Arriving en-masse? Even better!

Veloton Bike Shop Tetbury
Though there doesn’t appear to be anywhere nearby to properly secure your trusty steed, Tetbury is unlikely to harbour too many hardened criminals, ballsy or equipped enough to make a quick getaway. Besides, prop your steed to the side of the café, or out-front, position yourself at one of the classic wooden-slatted tables at the very front of the shop and you can easily keep your beady eye trained on your beloved ride.

Move upstairs and you’ll find a surprisingly well-proportioned bicycle “showroom”, stocked mainly with a range of beautiful Bianchi and Ridley bikes, alongside Fizik and Castelli clothing, as well as numerous accessories and components – basically, everything you could possibly need as a cyclist. Being sopping-wet at the time of our visit, it’s difficult to comment on prices or service, but if the quality of their coffee and cake is anything to go by – and I suggest that it is – then you’re unlikely to be putting a foot wrong by visiting Veloton.

Veloton Cafe Tetbury Review
Good coffee served in cycling-inspired mugs, lovingly produced cakes and a beautiful range of bikes, books and clothing to keep you interested beyond your initial cravings for sustenance; Veloton is certainly a fantastic establishment in which to rest your weary legs before tackling the next hill, assuming you can get past its cosy proportions and lack of completely secure bike storage.

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