Product Review: TORM LE2 Jersey

Product Review: TORM LE2 Jersey

TORM’s new limited edition ‘LE2’ bears a somewhat unique design that may divide, but the core jersey is as good as it ever was.

torm le2 cycling jersey

RRP – £62

Website –

TORM is a cycling apparel company we at le Bidon have developed something of a soft spot for over the past 2 years. Based in Broadstairs, Kent, this small company – run by Al and Paul – has built a reputation for quality at a low cost.

Previously, we’ve put TORM’s T3 men’s jersey to the test, as well as the TL1 ladies jersey. Both impressed, particularly at under £60 a pop. But now enter the LE2, TORM’s first short sleeve limited edition jersey at the slightly higher price point of £62. Is it worth it?

The Year Round Jersey

After many miles of testing, our suspicions were confirmed; this jersey is every bit as good as those previously sampled. In fact, it’s more or less identical if you close your eyes. It’s comfortable and functional and durable, as previously noted. And this remains the result of its Sportwool construction.

But what has become clearer after a number of winter miles is how well TORM’s jerseys perform throughout the year. Paired with a set of suitably insulated arm warmers, the LE2 jersey performs as well as any cold weather dedicated covering. Now we come into Winter, I find myself using TORM’s jerseys as much as I did in the summer months.

One thing has changed since our last TORM jersey review, however; the pockets are now far roomier. And while beyond one pump-ejection incident I’ve never had any trouble with the original pocket size, additional security is a welcome addition and proof the chaps at TORM do listen to customer feedback. Refreshing, we think.

le2 torm- jersey review

The ‘Limited Edition’ Bit

Now, what truly separates the LE2 from the rest of TORM’s flock is its design – ‘LE’ does, after all, stand for ‘limited edition’. And the bright orange colour and quite obvious black stripes do make for a striking design.

Whether this is the jersey for you will very much depend on personal preference. Paired with some suitably orange socks and black bibs it does look rather fetching, if slightly… eye-catching. The LE2 certainly isn’t understated like my claret T3 – my preferred modus operandi – but that’s not necessarily a complaint.

The dark evenings of winter feel a lot safer anyway…

In Conclusion

The LE2 jersey takes all the best bits from TORM’s usual suspects and wraps them all up in a tasty limited edition package.

While I often see cyclists out and about in the standard TORM livery, only 150 of these are available in total (they take 2 hours to make) and none have yet been spotted in the wild. So, if exclusivity is your thing it could well be worth shelling out an extra few bucks.

Then again, if it’s a chic and understated jersey design you’re after, perhaps TORM’s more sedate options would be the better choice.


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