Product Review: Sportful Women’s Diva Bib Tights

Product Review: Sportful Women’s Diva Bib Tights

Superbly comfortable and stylish, Sportful’s Diva bib tights are a winter wardrobe must-have, that come with a notably reasonable price tag.


RRP – £100

Winter riding can be a cumbersome affair. Preparing for every weather eventuality bar warm, dry sunshine throughout the dark winter months can take its toll on even the hardiest cyclist. Sportful’s Diva bib tights deliver some much needed toastiness to your winter training, making those miles more a pleasure than an endurance test.


The bibs bring a refreshing simplicity and stealth to your winter getup. No garish stripes or in-your-face branding are to be found here, but rather a sense of elegance and understated style.

The Sportful logo – a sure sign of quality given our experience of the brand’s products to-date – features on the right thigh and left buttock. The only other deviation from black is some token reflective piping on the calves. This ends up being mostly covered by overshoes, but every little helps in the quest for subtle yet effective high-viz.


Sportful’s Divas mark my first foray into the world of bib tights. Previous winters have been spent hitching up a pair of lower-end yet trusty tights, but the pad had seen better days and my lower back was fed up of the draft, so bibs beckoned.


The premier job of pretty much every piece of winter clothing is to keep you warm, even when the temperatures edge below freezing. Sportful’s bibs perform admirably in this department thanks to their ‘Thermodrytex’ fleecy inner lining, which retains heat while remaining breathable on even the coldest days and hardest rides.

The mesh upper-body with front zip provides decent coverage, acting as an extra layer up top where other bibs go for a flimsier, more toilet-trip friendly offering. I’ll take extra warmth over slightly quicker loo breaks any frosty winter’s day.


While you’ll have to pay slightly more for Sportful’s fully waterproof bibs, the Divas do afford some water repellency in light rain. This feature has been put to the test all-too-frequently for a weather forecast-trusting, fair-weather rider. But my scepticism at Sportful’s claim has proved unfounded, so much so that an aversion to cycling in drizzle has much diminished.


The bibs’ ‘Infinity’ pad incorporates foams of varying levels of bounce and thickness, to keep your toosh happy whatever the distance. The tights have so far been tested up to 60 miles, and every one of those miles was spent in supreme comfort. Shock-absorbing, breathable and anti-chafing, this pad ticks all the right boxes with aplomb.


The simplicity of Sportful’s Diva bib tights hides behind it a wealth of features that keep you snug and comfortable on cold days. Well-fitting, stylish and reasonably priced considering their quality, these bibs are a pleasure to wear.


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