Society Café, Bath

Society Café, Bath

Having cycled along the popular Bristol to Bath cycle path, Nick Livermore heads to the popular Kingsmead Square and the beautifully presented Society Café for a flavoursome flat white and delicious flapjack.

Society Cafe Bath Review
Bath, one of the South West’s most popular destinations, is a place steeped in Roman history, filled with lavish Georgian architecture and populated entirely by beautiful people. Thankfully, this sort of atmosphere – particularly when backed up by relative wealth – both engenders and demands high-end shopping, dining and – most importantly – coffee drinking.

Ask me where you should go to experience coffee at its best in Bath and I could ably and happily reel off a list of cafés as long as my arm, perhaps even my leg. Arriving with bike in hand, however, means that the list of appropriately fantastic cafés dwindles slightly. Luckily, there is good reason why Society Café – especially the one on Kingsmead Square – has established itself as one of Bath’s foremost purveyors of coffee and cake.

Ignoring the often obnoxious pedestrians – sorry Bath – Kingsmead Square itself is a beautifully picturesque location in which to enjoy a strong cup of joe. Rocking up on a bike isn’t a problem either, with space for at least 12 bikes within 3 metres of Society Café’s front door. Bath may be an extraordinarily busy city, but the seating is ample enough that I comfortably found a place to pop my posterior on a prodigiously thriving Saturday afternoon.

Cafe Society Review Bath
Lock – or prop – your bike up outside and walk inside and you’ll soon realise that Society Café is designed to be as gorgeous as its location. The off-white walls, polished wooden floors, brushed metal and over-sized light bulbs dangling from the ceiling are capped off rather fittingly by a wall-mounted bike towards the back of the café. This is an establishment that embraces cyclists, tempting them to come inside; it’s genuinely refreshing.

But what of the coffee and cake on offer at Society Café? Quite frankly, I’ve scarcely enjoyed a flat white and flapjack more. Though not the strongest flat white I’ve ever brought to my lips, it’s flavour was genuinely delicious, as you’d expect from an establishment that uses locally roasted beans from Round Hill Roastery.

Good Cafes in Bath
The baristas at Society Café clearly know what they’re doing too; not only did it have a good flavour, the flat white was expertly poured and presented with an impressive pattern. Equally enjoyable was the flapjack and while I usually prefer mine gooey and unctuous, its firm consistency was far from offensive. Judging from its taste, a lot of butter had been used; something I heartily condone.

Personal preferences aside my only disappointment on visiting was that by the time my flat white issued from the door my flapjack was almost gone. A minor niggle – one borne out of the cafés popularity – but one that could be solved if the staff were to bring any cakes out alongside hot drinks, rather than have you take it at the time of ordering. Let’s be clear, Society Café is one of Bath’s very best cafés, full stop; and if you’re on a bike I’d be very surprised if you could do better.

The route used at the time of review was the Bristol to Bath cycle path, information about which can be found here…



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