Product Review: Selle Royal Ta+too Saddle

Product Review: Selle Royal Ta+too Saddle

An urban saddle with a difference. A gimmick, or genuinely useful design?

selle royal tattoo saddle review

RRP – from 45 Euro

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The Practical

Unlike road bikes, often tucked away from the elements, urban bikes are likely to be locked outside a pub or cafe at the mercy of the elements or the slippery fingers of your much-cherished local bicycle thief and/or vandal. And while, Selle Royal’s ‘Ta+too’ saddle won’t stop your front wheel from being kicked in, it does afford some extra protection to your town bike set up.

You see, this saddle is a modular saddle. Meaning in comes in several parts (top, bottom and – optional – handle) that are each interchangeable and easily removable for safekeeping off the bike. Lock your cherished single-speed up around the corner from your favourite cafe and it won’t just be your lights being taken indoors.

The Style

But why the name ‘Ta+too’? It’s simple really, the modularity of Selle Royal’s saddle means that you can switch the ‘top’ of your saddle on a whim. A quick twist of a locking disc sees the top pop off, easily replaced by an impressive array of coloured and/or patterned saddles (available from 35 Euro – who knows what that is in GBP any more).

selle royal saddle review

Accordingly to Selle Royal, this feature – not only to deter thieves and keep the saddle pristine – is to offer ‘an individual statement on or off the bike, to be yourself in confidence and style, everywhere you go.’ A nifty piece of design for sure.

The Saddle

This is certainly a saddle directly aimed at the urban cyclist. It’s amply padded and delivers exceptional comfort without any additional chamois. Pootling around the city in jeans? This is probably the saddle for you.

However, if you’re a cyclist used to the bare minimum – a saddle harder, perhaps, than Robert Forstemann’s rippling thighs – then it may be better to look elsewhere. After all, switching between a race saddle and something several inches wider and deeper could cause issues.

Perfect For?

This saddle certainly represents a clever piece of design, offering an elegant solution to a number of problems urban cyclists face day-to-day. The combination of designs on offer are also exceptional and almost inexhaustible. If you’re looking for a way to keep your style continually fresh and pristine, Selle Royal’s ‘Ta+too’ saddle is a good and, relatively, inexpensive choice.

tattoo saddle urban review

The only real downside – if you can call it a downside – is the lack of versatility in terms of padding. It likely won’t suit a roadie-come-urban cyclist, but for those bimbling their way exclusively around towns and streets, the extra padding will be a welcome addition.


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