Product Review: Rapha Long Sleeve Club Jersey

Product Review: Rapha Long Sleeve Club Jersey

Nick Livermore takes Rapha’s new long sleeve club jersey for a spin and is thoroughly impressed by its quality and design. No surprises there, then.

Rapha-Long-Sleeved-Club -Jersey-Review

RRP – £110

When I first started cycling – around two and a half years ago – I always said I’d never wear expensive jerseys and bib shorts. But cycling has that way of sucking you in; looking good on the bike is almost as important as the cycling itself.

Rapha seemed like the physical manifestation of that attitude; expensive, meticulously designed… Unnecessary. Rapha is THE premium cycling brand. But how do their jerseys, so nice on the eye, stack up? Is it a case of style over substance?

But first, let’s clear the room of any elephants. The price. Far be it from me to tell you how to spend your money, only you can decide whether a jersey is worth spending £110 on, no matter how good it is.

That’s a lot of money, but I’ll be clear on this; Rapha does represent quality. Pure and simple. And there’s the prestige of the logo, of course…

Now, on to the jersey itself


As mentioned above, the quality of Rapha’s long sleeve club jersey is probably unrivalled. Not a stitch is out of place and it offers a superb fit; very comfortable over short and long distances.

It comes in 3 colourways; black/grey, grey/blue and dark red/orange. There’s one to suit everyone, I’d wager. Though it’s a shame there’s no exact match in the rather smaller Rapha women’s collection.

And it’s made of my favourite material, too – Sportwool™. That’s the same stuff TORM use to make their awesome jerseys and it’s a truly impressive material.

Here’s what we had to say the first time round…

“Performance-wise, the fabric certainly delivers on its promises to both regulate body temperature and keep you feeling fresh during rides.”

Being a long sleeved, winter jersey the Sportwool used here is of a thicker construction, which will certainly come in handy on those cold mornings.

Its relatively heavy construction also makes the jersey durable; there’s very little reason to be delicate here. But that’s not to say it’s stifling, the material still deals well with excess heat and moisture.

The discerning among you may also have noticed a horizontal stripe along the upper torso of the jersey. This is a nifty little reflective addition, perfect for after work rides in the dark.

It says a lot that I have the black/grey version of this jersey and still feel comfortable using it in the dark with no additional reflective clothing. Then again, perhaps I’m a smidge on the stupid side.


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