Product Review: Rapha Brevet Bib Shorts

Product Review: Rapha Brevet Bib Shorts

Seriously comfortable and good-looking bib shorts, perfect for long days in the saddle.

rapha brevet bib shorts review

RRP £180

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Rapha’s ‘Brevet’ range is, as you’d expect, designed with multi-day, long distance riding in mind. And, as we discovered with its Brevet Windblock Jersey, Rapha has designed a range that more than fits the bill.


It seems unnecessary to point out, but these bibs are designed to be comfortable – all bib shorts are, to some extent. But it’s here that Rapha’s r&d department has really gone to town. The brevet bib shorts feature an ‘engineered’ chamois pad, which incorporates foam of differing densities ‘to ensure longer-lasting comfort in the saddle’.

“…not a saddle sore or “numb bum” in sight. Seriously impressive.”

And it works. This past weekend I took to the roads of Wales, covering well over 400km across two days. At the end of my journey I could easily have carried on – not a saddle sore or “numb bum” in sight. Seriously impressive.

While we’re on the chamois, the pad in the brevet bib shorts has been perforated to promote overnight drying. Put these bib on to wash one day ready, and they’ll be ready to ride the next. Fancy.

But it isn’t only the chamois that promotes comfort here. Oh no. The silicone leg gripper is noticeably wider than those on my other shorts, reducing pressure. And the fabric and mesh used on the upper portion of the bib shorts is incredibly well-fitting. No discomfort, no rubbing.


Rapha kit always looks damn fine. These bibs are no different. Matching the brevet windblock jersey with its reflective detailing, it’s difficult not to look great in these shorts. Understated comes to mind, even in the blue colourway, but that all-important Rapha branding is still present and visible for those glancing over.

rapha brevet bib shorts

Perhaps it’s the expense associated with these bibs, but they look nicer and better quality than any other pair I own. I’m certainly not complaining, even if it is psychosomatic.


You know what I’m going to say. Amazing, but expensive.  There’s not much more to it than that. If you can handle and justify the initial outlay, it’s worth it. These shorts are truly excellent – satisfaction is guaranteed.


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