Product Review: Proviz REFLECT360+ Cycling Jacket

Product Review: Proviz REFLECT360+ Cycling Jacket

Proviz seems to have been making a bit of  name for itself over the past year or so – first with REFLECT360 cycling jacket, and now the REFLECT360+.


RRP – £109.99

Website –

Of course, it isn’t just cycling jackets Proviz is becoming known for; their range features an impressive selection of ‘visibility sports products’.

But the jacket seems to have – ahem – illuminated the prospects of this, now 7 year old, London startup.

Unpacking the REFLECT360+ it’s not immediately clear why. Dull grey. Not what you might expect from a jacket once described as offering a “new level of reflectivity”.

But the impressive technology isn’t what you might expect either; and this is the more technical version. How much technology can one jacket encompass?

Rather a lot it turns out…


The reflective nature of the REFLECT360+ is achieved by ‘millions of highly reflective tiny glass beads’ and the result is seriously impressive.

Honestly? I’ve never seen such an astonishingly reflective jacket, for cycling or otherwise. There is absolutely no chance that even the least observant driver on the back roads of rural Somerset in the depths of winter at midnight wouldn’t see you.

“Honestly? I’ve never seen such an astonishingly reflective jacket…”

Proviz has certainly achieved its objective of keeping you safe and seen at night. But what of the jacket rest of the jacket?

The Fit

The fit, for me at least, seems generally very good. It is, as claimed, more ‘tailored’ than your average jacket, though the arms are a little baggy.

Comfort isn’t an issue either and if it wasn’t for the rustling, you’d almost forget you were wearing it – perhaps a result of the cotton mesh lining and micro-fleece collar.


According to Proviz the REFLECT360+ features ‘enhanced breathability’ and it certainly is lightweight (400g for medium). Vents are included too, on the front, back and underarm and these do help to keep the rider cool.

However, I’m a fairly warm chap at the best of times and I haven’t yet found a day cold enough for me to use this jacket for anything but commuting.

Wearing this I’d almost certainly burn up on re-entry to Bristol.

Having said that, I’m almost certain it will take over from my Endura Race Cape when the mercury dips below 0. It’s probably a November-February thing.



Now we’ve mentioned winter, it’s important to discuss rain. Will this thing keep you dry?

Well… Yes. Up to 10,000mm. Whatever that means.

But, in all seriousness, I’ve not yet had a problem with it in relatively modest showers. And everything eventually gives up in a downpour.

Besides, once you’re wet who really cares? Except, of course, about that precious iPhone (other phones are available).

And the pockets are fantastic; lined against water, not a drop has found its way through yet. Your valuables are safe here…


There’s no denying, from looks to functionality, the Proviz REFLECT360+ is a fantastic piece of kit. Though I’d hesitate to recommend it as an item of ‘performance’ cycling apparel, as a garment for commuting, or similar, it’s perfect.

The reflectivity the jacket boasts is pretty well unbeatable, at least compared to anything I’ve witnessed. You’ll certainly be kept very safe and there won’t be a single car, motorbike or pedestrian that fails to see you coming or going.


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