Product Review: TORM T3 Jersey

Product Review: TORM T3 Jersey

Always one for the classic look, Nick Livermore takes the TORM T3 Jersey out for a spin and it isn’t just the look he likes.

Torm T3 Men's Jersey

RRP – £56

Not long ago we featured a review of one of TORM’s recently released ladies jerseys. We liked it so much that we’ve come back to redress the gender balance and put their T3 men’s jersey through its paces.

But first, a little more on the duo behind these understated, classic-looking jerseys. TORM is a small cycling apparel company, run alongside bike shop SP Cycles, based in Broadstairs Kent.

Owners Al and Paul keep their ‘company deliberately small so we have time for our customers and time for cycling.’ Their main concern? Performance clothing that looks good on and off the bike.

But do they succeed in their endeavours?

Look and design will always be a personal consideration. Personally? I think they look great. If you’re after a jersey that doesn’t turn you into organic advertising, then these may be for you.

And while the T3 may not come in as many colourways as many of their other jerseys, we feel the black, white and claret editions offer a suitable, if not expansive, range.

Design isn’t, however, all about how good you look; a jersey needs to be comfortable and functional, with a good fit, durability and plenty of room to stow energy gels.

Torm Cycling Jerseys

With 5 pockets – 2 of which are zipped – there’s plentiful space for even the longest rides; 100 miles shouldn’t be an issue, even without a saddle bag.

Like the rest of TORM’s range, the T3 is made from SportWool, a blend of merino wool and polyester, which results in a soft, supple but hard wearing jersey; it’s truly a joy to wear.

“…a blend of merino wool and polyester, which results in a soft, supple but hard wearing jersey…”

Naturally, SportWool jerseys aren’t as soft as 100% merino pieces, but for durability and functionality I’d choose the former over the latter any day. The pockets don’t stretch – something merino can be prone to – and there’s no need to be careful to avoid making holes in your jersey.

Torm Jersey Review

As mentioned in our previous feature, TORM jerseys are seriously good pieces of kit:

“Performance-wise, the fabric certainly delivers on its promises to both regulate body temperature and keep you feeling fresh during rides.” – Katherine Brand

I’ve already put at least 1,000 miles into my TORM T3 and, so far, have discerned no problems, aside from one instance of automatic pump ejection.

Losing my pump, however, was entirely my fault as I smashed it down Bristol’s famous Beggar Bush Lane with too much in my pockets and a small man sat lazily in my considerable slipstream. The git.

As you’d expect from TORM, the T3 offers spectacular value for money; perhaps the best on the current market. We’d describe them as “budget Rapha”, but that wouldn’t nearly do them justice.


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    Paul O' Brien

    This is a great review, and, as I mentioned on Twitter, I recently bought a Torm jersey and absolutely love it and want another one, Jersey +1 syndrome now. In relation to the ‘budget Rapha’ part, I actually found about about Torm as I was looking for a Rapha alternative. I like the look of Rapha apparel, a lot in fact, but can’t really afford most items. I do have their lavender chamois cream (which is very comfortable, ha ha) and a recent Paris-Roubaix casquette, also very comfortable. However, I will definitely be sticking with Torm as the quality and fit are outstanding. Also, the one-off eBay auctions are a great was to get an experimental and original jersey.

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