Little Victories, Bristol

Little Victories, Bristol

One of the best cafes in Bristol, full-stop.


There’s a new force emerging on the Bristol scene, and it smells of coffee. The fruit of the loins of Small Street Espresso, Little Victories brings the A-grade product of its creator to a bigger space. And, boy, is it a welcome addition to the newly created Wapping Wharf and the city.

Small Street Espresso has long provided, what I consider to be, the finest coffee Bristol has to offer. Indeed, it – unofficially – topped our list of the best coffee houses in the city. An accolade to make the chest swell. Probably.


One issue, however; Small Street Espresso (SSE) is tiny, with barely enough room to swing a roundly proportioned cat in a musette. Little Victories is different. With ample space out and in, it has no shortage of space to be enjoyed by small groups of cyclists.

Like Tincan Coffee Co., then, Little Victories is an excellent choice for that pre- or -post ride caffeine fix. And I’ve often found myself spending time there of a Sunday afternoon, following a harder-than-it-should-be jaunt with Bristol South Cycling Club.

The Coffee

Clearly, it’s no secret that I consider SSE, supplied by Clifton Coffee, to provide the best coffee in Bristol. And the stuff on offer at Little Victories is a carbon copy. Sample the flat white, I urge you. Its subtle nuttiness will, in all likelihood, change your life.


Frankly, there’s little left to say – there’s no drink to avoid, no weakness in their caffeine arsenal. They will not be caught short.

The Food

Again, the food on offer at Little Vics is much the same as at SSE. Unless you enjoy post-ride charcuterie – then, dig in. The cake is almost exclusively provided by Laura at Hart’s Bakery. And if you’re familiar with the food scene in Bristol, you’ll know that’s no bad thing.

Highlights include the Billionaire’s Shortbread, monstrous pastries (the almond croissant is to-die-for) and the sumptuous brownies. As with the coffee, you simply can’t go wrong.


Then there’s the savoury. While Little Victories doesn’t offer an as expansive savoury menu as somewhere like Tincan Coffee Co., the toasties it does cobble together do hit the spot nicely. Generously filled with good-quality ingredients – goat’s cheese, chicken, chorizo, rocket – there’s something for everyone to enjoy a nibble of.

The Cafe

Little Victories is a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by. The words ‘spacious’ and ‘clean’ come to mind. From the semi-industrial tables and counter, to the pseudo-clouds suspended from the ceiling, the styling of Little Vics has been carefully considered down to the last detail.

The owner and his crack squad of excellent baristas are friendly too, and more than accommodating of cyclists. Too often cafe owners roll their eyes at the arrival of cyclists, pockets brimming with good British pounds. It’s refreshing to be met with the opposite. And he’s even turned his hand to making his own doughnuts recently. Reports suggest they are delicious.


There’s not much else to write, to be honest. Other than to assure readers that we haven’t benefitted financially from such a glowing review.

Enjoy your visit.


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