Cycling Socks: 5 of the Best

Cycling Socks: 5 of the Best

Increasingly, fancy socks are becoming a vital addition to the apparel arsenal of the keen cyclist. Pink socks, patterned socks, short socks, long socks, socks your old school master would be proud of – it seems nothing’s out of bounds for the modern rouleur.

But with popularity comes a pretty stunning range of cycling socks to choose from. The mind boggles, it really does. So, to help you sift through the robust selection on offer, here’s a list of 5 pairs of cycling socks to suit (almost) all tastes.

The Hot Day Sock


Rapha Lightweight Socks

RRP – £12

There simply had to be something from Rapha in this list. And because we resent having to pay £20 for a pair socks, we’ve gone for its cheapest offering – the Lightweight Socks. These come in 3 colourways – white, blue and pink – and certainly live up to their name.

Rapha’s lightweight socks are delicate and pleasing on the eye, without ever feeling like they’re about to fall apart. If I had to choose one pair of socks for a ride on the hottest day of the year, I’d stray no further than these.

The Contemporary Sock


Pongo Collection One Socks

RRP – £15

Frankly, we’ve fallen in love with Pongo’s selection of socks, despite an offering of only two collections at the time of writing. The number of designs on offer may not be huge, but they are certainly funky, with plenty of bright colours and geometric shapes.

Designed in London and made in Italy, Pongo’s foot art certainly has a unique feel to it. The quality is excellent too, something Pongo is keen to point out. Inspired by the mountains, Collection One features plenty of hilly-looking triangles. And if that floats your boat, you’ll be glad to know that the performance ain’t half bad either.

The Climbing Sock


Victory Chimp Hill Repeats Socks

RRP – £10

OK – so these socks aren’t actually going to improve your hill climbing performance. But they needed a title, didn’t they… Inspired by ‘the best undulating training roads’, Victory Chimp’s Hill Repeats Socks feature a rather unique, wavy design in one of two colours – light blue and bright orange.

Made of a high-wicking, light and breathable material, these socks are exceptionally comfortable in all conditions. And while there’s little to separate them from other cycling socks in terms of absolute performance, they are of the cheapest ‘designer’ socks available.

The Simple Sock


Chapeau! Ankle Length Socks

RRP – £10

Aware that many of you would rather don a classic, low-cuff sock with a limited colour palette, we put Chapeau’s Ankle Length Socks through their paces. And they didn’t come up short (no pun intended). White, yellow or pink in colour, and simply emblazoned with the lettering ‘Chapeau!’ in contrasting colours at the back, these are particularly understated.

Making use of a fast-wicking polyamide they perform well too, despite not feeling as high quality as the offerings of Rapha, Victory Chimp or Pongo. However, if you’re after a relatively inexpensive pair of socks and enjoy the Chapeau branding, then you’ll be far from disappointed.

The Cheaper Sock

Dhb Aeron Merino Socks

RRP – £10 (but often £5)

Cycling is an expensive sport, but it isn’t impossible to find quality clothing that performs well at a lower price-point. That’s where dhb’s Aeron Merino Socks come in. They may not be lookers of the highest degree, but they are good performers.

Made primarily of merino wool (55%), these are socks you can keep on your feet all year round. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, if there were one pair of socks for the entire season then look no further.


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