Product Review: Bear Wallets

Product Review: Bear Wallets

Cyclists, there’s no longer any need to fear soggy money; there’s a new breed of wallet.


RRP – £20

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Though there are a number of things cyclists are advised to take with them on any ride, money is chief among them. Not every issue can be fixed on the roadside, after all.

The tricky thing about money is that it’s made of paper. It’s not particularly durable and will happily lap up all your delicious sweat (or the winter rain, for that matter). Cards are usually packed too, but the more you bring, the more there is to worry about.

The keenly minded among you will know of the usual solution to this dilemma; a wallet. But bringing your best leather wallet out on a ride is folly, so most pack those slightly irritating transparent ziplock bags; hardly the definition of durability.

Recently, however, I got my hands on a prototype Bear Wallet, a UK manufactured “wallet” specifically ‘designed for an active life’. It promises to do away with those agonising 15 minutes cyclists’ spend deciding how best to protect the capital resting so perilously in their back pockets.

“…a particularly elegant solution to a niche problem…”

Made from SLS nylon and backed with a steel plate, this durable little “wallet” provides a safe and – purportedly – water resistant home for your cards, cash and keys. And, you’ll probably agree, it looks a little better than a clear plastic bag.

But, at only 8mm thick, and secured with magnets, it’s functional too. It’s presence is never felt in your back pocket and there’s little chance of your money falling out. As someone who hates saddle bags, it’s welcomed as a particularly elegant solution to a niche problem.

Currently, they’re available in 6 colourways – White, Black, Green, Red, Blue & Yellow – and these are interchangeable (at extra cost), so there should be something to suit everyone.

Bear Wallets is currently a funded project on Kickstarter, but it’s still looking for support. If you’d like to find out more click here…


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