The 5 Best Cakes for Cycling

The 5 Best Cakes for Cycling

Cake, a vital part of any – non-professional – cyclist’s diet. But not every cake is practical, or nutritionally beneficial for long cycles. Below are our 5 best cakes for cycling, chosen for their ease of consumption and ability to keep you going for longer.

Flapjack for Cycling
Not all cakes are born equal. Not when it comes to cycling. The last thing you want in your jersey pocket is a block of melty – albeit delicious – chocolate fudge cake, or a slice of jam-filled victoria sponge. Not only are they messy, but they aren’t as nutritionally beneficial as others.

Ok, so eating cake day in, day out may not be the best way to stay healthy, or lose weight, even if you are spending every waking hour in the saddle. But a little cake goes a long way, especially when you need a mid-ride pick-me-up. Consuming gel, after gel, after gel can get tiresome, draining and down-right boring.

But what cakes should you be indulging in when cycling? Well, here’s our top 5 best cakes for cycling:

Cakes for Cycling
Flapjacks – Packed full of fast release sugars and slow release oats, flapjacks provide both a much needed boost and nutritional support that will keep you going for longer than you might expect. For this reason, they make excellent pre-ride snacks and will get you off to the best possible start.

Try making flapjacks at home and reducing the amount of butter you add; adding a banana or two to the mix works very well and will only add to their nutritional benefit. Let’s not forget that flapjacks are also incredibly delicious and satisfying, which surely must be your main consideration.

Malt Loaf – Low in fat, high in sugar and delicious to boot, malt loaf is exactly what you need in tow when you’re in need of calories to burn. Packed full of dried fruit, malt loaf is your best friend as a cyclist. Admittedly, malt loaf isn’t the easiest thing to eat when cycling, but tearing chunks off like a rabid animal is easy enough and far more satisfying than fiddling with a gel.

Fig Rolls for Cycling
Fig Rolls – Ok so technically speaking, these aren’t cakes. But I make the rules around here and fig rolls are great. Seriously great. Not only do they taste fantastic – particularly if you make them at home – the dried fruit contained within provides fast delivery; exactly what you need when riding. Pack a few fig rolls into your jersey before setting off and you’ll not go far wrong.

Tea Loaf – Dried fruits definitely seem to be the theme here… Spread with a little butter – for taste – tea or fruit loaves are jam-packed full of fast release sugars and can be sliced for efficiency.

Unlike other cakes, tea loaves have a good consistency for consuming when cycling. They won’t fall apart in your hands like beaten-up flapjacks, or stick your mouth shut like slightly warm malt loaf.

Banana Bread – Bananas are a fantastic source of carbohydrates and sport a relatively high GI. Excepting mass produced gels and energy bars, bananas are probably the most popular snack for cyclists on-the-go. So, why not bake them, compact them and make the even more delicious? Besides, bananas are an unfortunate shape and aren’t exactly easy to “unwrap”.

Of course, it’s not a fantastic plan of action to pack your jersey pockets full of cake; a balance is required. Try punctuating your sugary friends with treats like peanut butter pita breads and rice cakes. Your teeth will thank you for it and you may even drop those two pounds that have been hanging around far past their welcome.


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